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About Us is an online Bushwalking community and virtual guidebook. The aim is to help more people get out and safely enjoy the many great bushwalks across Australia. It does not matter if you are new to bushwalking or experienced, there is something here for everyone. is run as a small business out of my home office. I want to keep it fun whilst providing information that helps people get out and explore amazing places. Across my network of bushwalking websites, there were about 1 million visitors during 2020.

A few FAQ’s

1) Should I still carry a traditional topographical Map?

YES. I recommend that you still have at least one set of maps that cover an area, the maps provided by cover just the walk, and are limited help in case of emergency change in plans. Also some printers and paper do not handle the rugged outdoors as well as the maps you can buy.

2) Can I print the notes and maps?

YES. Use the PDF button or link to generate a nice printable version with a much better map what what is the webpage.

3) Can I print copies for my fellow walkers?

YES. I think that everyone in the walking group should have a copy, please print as many as you want.

4) Can I use the notes and maps for my School, Club or Commercial group.

YES. Again I think that every one should have a copy of the map at the very least, Please do not change or trim the notes to hide logo or any other information though.

5) What if I think something is wrong?

Please use the user feedback in each walk to let me know how I can improve things, I really love feedback. We know that this system is not perfect, I try hard so please let us know how I can do better.

6) Can I suggest a walk to be included?

YES. The goal is to grow and build lots more walks. I have built a pretty funky system in the back end that lets us add walks pretty easily based on user experience and Openstreetmap data. Please use this form to submit details on a walk and we can add it to the system. If you include your email address, we can share the draft with you for your comments.

7) Can I download the walk to my GPS?

Yes, Sure can. Just click on the ‘GPX’ link near the top of each walk (below the map).

8) Can I view the walks in Google Earth?

Not Yet. I am hoping to provide something funky here soon. In the meantime, you can drag the GPX file into Google Earth to get a feel for the walk.

9) How can I search for walks?

We have two main ways of exploring walks.
* Detailed search page: This allows you refine the search based on length, time, grade, areas, points of interest and keywords. You can view the results on a map, a series of walk summary badges or as a table.

  • Area search: This is an imperfect tool but helpful for searching based on ‘areas’. it starts off as the wides area, then allows you to drill down based on the areas a walk leads through. Areas include countries, states, local governement areas, national parks, other parks etc.

10) Can I link to a bushwalk?

Yes, Please do. There are also a bunch of widgets and data that can help you on your website. Check out the embed link at the bottom of the page you are interested in.

11) Can I upload my photos of a walk?

Very soon. I am really keen to build an awesome database with the help of the bushwalking community. Photos are a really important part of the walk, and as much as I wish I could, I can’t walk all the walks.
Please be taking photos with your phone (make sure it is geotagging the images). Soon I will encourage people to upload the geotagged photos and we can then use that GPS image to attach the photo to the right point of the walk.

Thanks for your interest, Happy walking.