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Dinden National Park

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Cairns RegionalDinden National Park (4) → Mareeba Shire | Kuranda | Barron Gorge National Park
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Map of bushwalks in Dinden National Park
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Mount Williams and PA-31 Wreckage from Kamerunga
11.9 km return
4 h 30 min to 8 h
Mount Williams and PA-31 Wreckage from Kamerunga
11.9 km

4 h 30 min to 8 h

Starting from Stoney Creek Road, Kamerunga, this return walk takes you to the summit of Mount Williams where the fuselage of PA-31 Navajo is, visiting the North Peak along the way. You’ll be following Smiths Track for the first third of the walk, then go off-trail along the ridgeline for the rest of the climb. Expect a challenging hike up the ridgeline through the interchanging vegetation, only to find the historic plane wreckage of the PA-31-310 Navajo, along with the memorial. The plane crash happened in 1986 as the pilot miscalculated the route and hit the ridge whilst going through the cloud, leading to the death of all the 6 persons on board. May they rest in peace. As you go through the narrow track up the ridge, keep an eye out for colossal trees that have majestic buttress roots. You may run into cassowaries along the track as well. After around 750 metres of altitude, you’ll notice the environment get more humid as you hit the cloud line, especially if it’s overcast. The amount of leeches can go crazy after this point, so use gaiters and deet to protect yourself from them. Since you’ll be going off-trail, prepare well and start early to allow time for mistakes. Bring a topographic map and a GPS device to be safe. Let us begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.



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Found 4 walks