Nandroya Falls Circuit
6.1 km circuit
2 h 15 min, 3 h 15 min to 2 days
Nandroya Falls Circuit
6.1 km

2 h 15 min, 3 h 15 min to 2 days

Starting from the car park at the end of Bunda Street, Wooroonooran, this walk takes you to the Nandroya Falls and loops back, visiting Silver Falls and Silver Creek Falls along the way. After exploring the dense rainforest that is filled with wildlife, you’ll be struck by how beautiful this waterfall is. Don’t be shy, dip in and enjoy the refreshing swim whilst listening to the meditative sound of water gushing down. On your way you’ll pass by other waterfalls which are all gorgeous in their own way, but the wide flow coupled with the spacious rock pool of the Nandroya Falls takes the cake. Expect to run into cassowaries, Ulysses butterflies and even the uncommon French’s longicorn(insect) throughout the journey. You can stay the night at the roadside Henrietta Camping are, where most amenities are provided. Keep an eye out for fireflies at night to have a magical experience. Keep in mind that this track involves a little bit of rock hopping, and the said rocks might be slippery when wet. There are lots of leeches and march flies, so cover yourself well and bring an insect repellent. Let us begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.




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Points of Interest
Nandroya Falls
Silver Creek Falls
Silver Falls

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Cassowary Coast Regional
Great Dividing Range
Cape York Peninsula
Wooroonooran National Park