The Forts Circuit
3.6 km circuit
1 h to 2 h
The Forts Circuit
3.6 km

1 h to 2 h

Starting from the car park off Radical Bay Road, Florence Bay, this walk takes you to the historic forts and ruins from WWII at the summit, visiting Arthur Bay Lookout along the way. Explore the command post and other parts of the historic base that was built to guard the entrance to the mainland from enemy forces. From latrines to workshops, the encampments are full with informational signs about the area and how it looked back in the day. The observation post provides you an unimpeded coastal view over the land, but is not the only place you can get exceptional views. The track leading to the fort is well-maintained and features a water drinking station midway. Even if you’re not that into history, the fact that you’re almost guaranteed to see a koala here can make you get off the couch. Come in the afternoon and look carefully in the trees to heighten your chances of seeing them. As a plus, you can see microbats and wallabies while looking for the fluffballs. Avoid the midday heat as the track is quite exposed. Involves steps. Let us begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.




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Points of Interest
Gun Emplacement
Ammunition Store/Arsenal
Arthur Bay Lookout
Artillery Command Post
Military Signals Building
Observation Post
Range Finder
Water Tap

Places & Areas
Townsville City
Horseshoe Bay
Florence Bay
Great Barrier Reef
Magnetic Island
Magnetic Island National Park
WWII Ruins
The Forts Walk Car Parking