The Settlers Loop
9.2 km circuit
2 h 30 min to 4 h
The Settlers Loop
9.2 km

2 h 30 min to 4 h

Starting from the David Brayshaws Hut off Boboyan Road, Mount Clear, this walk takes you on a circuit near the southern border of Namadgi National Park, visiting 3 historic huts in the process. David Brayshaws Hut will be your first stop on this journey, which was built in 1903 by Edward Brayshaw for grazing purposes. It was the home of Davey Brayshaw, who lived here until the end of his life(1931). Shortly after came Henry and Iris Curtis, working timber and fibro in the early 1930s. The hut was comprehensively renovated in the late 1980s. After visiting the first hut on the journey, you’ll leave the rural area and head into the eucalypt woodland along the track. You may come across kangaroos and wallabies throughout the hike, but you have to be stealthy to take close-up pictures as they’re not used to walkers. As you make it out of the forest and past the creek, the historic Waterhole Hut will appear in the distance. It has some old sheep yards and horse stalls nearby for you to explore. From here, the track meanders along Grassy Creek towards the Westermans Homestead. Known for its nostalgic bargeboards and stone chimneys, this hut was built in 1916 by Bruce Jeffrey. Two family members of the Westermans are buried up the hill. Keep an eye out for the Octopus Stinkhorn, a fungus that looks like an upside-down octopus(hence the name) with red tentacles. As a ‘plus’, it smells like cow dung. If you decide to come here in summer, cover yourself well and bring an insect repellent to be protected from the relentless flies. In winter on the other hand, remember to check the forecast to be safe against storms and drastic temperature drops. Expect to get wet feet in some areas around the walk regardless of the season, so an extra pair of socks or waterproof boots may come in handy. Let us begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.




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David Brayshaws Hut
Waterhole Hut
Westermans Homestead

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Great Dividing Range
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Namadgi National Park