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42 | Bushwalk February 2023

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Halls Falls near Saint ColumbaLorraine Parker


Angophora Contata at Oakley ParkIan Smith

Golden glow Tom Brennan

Locks Well BeachBrian Eglinton


February 2022

WinnerRocking onNorth-north-west

The eastern side of the Denison Range was badly hit during the 2019 fires and recovery is very slow. But the rock formations haven't been affected and are still as awesome as ever.

44 | Bushwalk February 2023


February 2022

WinnerEastern water dragonIan Smith

I discovered Oatley Park by chance when doing a house sit nearby - what a treasure in the middle of urban Sydney. Wonderful forest with beautiful angophoras, splendid views over the Georges River, a swimming area and historic areas ... oh, and the occasional Eastern Water Dragon.

Dew drops Tom Brennan

Wind blownBrian Eglinton



February 2022

WinnerNear the Edge: Cathedral PlateauPeter Grant

Tasmania's Cathedral Mountain is much more than one mountain. It's a high and extensive plateau: an amazingly diverse place well worth exploring for days. We took advantage of some fine summer weather to wander its high edge, looking out to dozens of Tasmania's highest peaks, discovering numerous "infinity" pools, even having a swim in one.

Light showTortoise


Early morning at Wylly PlateauLinda Fredheim

46 | Bushwalk February 2023

Coastal blues Brian Eglinton

Storm clouds over Boggywell Creek (from Oatley Reserve)Ian Smith

Balancing rocks at TaranaRafael Szumer

Other States

February 2022

WinnerFirst light on the rangeTom Brennan

A 5 am start at Harrietville had us walking at 6:30 am on The Razorback in the Alpine National Park. Shortly after, the first rays of sunlight hit the range to the west, lighting it in pastel colours.



March 2022

WinnerA fair enough start to the dayNorth-north-west

Climate change isn't the only reason the scrub in Tassie is getting scrubbier - and slower. Despite the extra effort, this sort of weather makes you welcome the chance for a bonus night out before returning to the track and "civilisation".

Clifftop ramble near cloudy cornerOsik

A taste of WollemiIandsmith

Alpine gardenCrollsurf

48 | Bushwalk February 2023


March 2022

WinnerPaying attentionBrian Eglinton

Morialta Conservation Park near Adelaide is a real gem being quite rugged yet so close to the city. This is a choice park for observing koalas in the wild. But we also occasionally see these colourful Painted Dragons. This one obligingly propped in the middle of the path keeping a close eye on us.

Christmas (or Jewel) spiderIandsmith


Rock hopping in the early morning lightOsik


March 2022

WinnerOlympian heightsNorth-north-west

Most visitors to Lake Petrarch camp at the southern end, but it was too early to stop so I pushed on to the grassy flats at the northern end. The sunset made the move particularly worthwhile.

50 | Bushwalk February 2023

Other States

March 2022

WinnerOn high in WollemiIan Smith

I was headed out to Mudgee on the Bylong Valley Way and espied a distinct rocky outcrop so, naturally, I had to climb up and have a look, brushing aside 100 cobwebs en route to shoot the formation and the vistas over the Goulburn River.

Mount TownsendCrollsurf

Gorge pools Brian Eglinton